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The Pure Joy Podcast

Hello and welcome to The Pure Joy Podcast. I'm so glad you are here! I hope you enjoy the content of this show. Please contact me with feedback or suggestions. 

Jan 31, 2020

  • The benefits of full-body sun exposure
  • How sunglasses can damage your health
  • How sunscreen can be toxic
  • Ultraviolet light and it’s healing powers
  • The fastest way to create skin cancer and how to avoid it
  • Is our clothing causing UTIs and bacterial infections?
  • What are mitochondria and how do they function in our body

Jan 16, 2020

This episode is PACKED with so much information about healing your mind body and spirit in a natural Earth-based way that works! 

Description: Amara and Rainbow Dreamer are the co-founders of Wildheart Dreams. They offer an 8-Week Online Program for overcoming depression, anxiety, and fatigue. Their mission is to help...